New savings calculator for electric construction machinery

Estimate Cost-effectiveness of Electric-powered Machinery in new Calculator

Publiceret 08-02-2024

Nordic Sustainable Construction introduces a new calculator for electric machinery cost-effectiveness. Type in your Nordic country, purchase prices, energy costs and maintenance to determine yearly ownership expenses, payback time and carbon savings.

New savings calculator for electric construction machinery

Purchasing electric machinery instead of diesel may seem more expensive initially as the purchase cost of electric machinery can be twice as high as conventional diesel machines. However, lower operational costs should eventually balance out the higher purchase cost. This payback time mainly depends on energy efficiency and energy cost. Maintenance cost is also thought to be lower for electric machines.

This calculator demonstrates how lower operational and maintenance costs for electric machinery can lead to significant carbon and financial savings over time when transitioning from traditional diesel to electric equipment.

Estimate your Payback Time for Electric Construction Machinery

Calculators for electric car cost savings are available online, often with country-specific fuel and electricity prices. These calculators can be used to estimate the payback time of electric trucks for material transportation. 

This calculator is adapted to construction machinery, where consumption values are stated in work hours - L/hr and kWh/hr. You can type in values for diesel and electricity prices, purchase and maintenance costs to estimate cost-effectiveness. The calculator shows the cost of ownership per year, payback time and total saved carbon emissions. 

Download the calculator spreadsheet to modify values here