The Nordic Blue Building Alliance

A new Nordic Network on marine based low carbon construction materials has been established

Publiceret 06-03-2023

The new Nordic network ‘The Nordic Blue Building Alliance’ sets out to explore marine bio based building materials to lower carbon emissions in the construction sector. The network, which was procured by Nordic Innovation, consists of a project consortium led by Arup.

The newly established Nordic Blue Building Alliance works towards the overall goals of filling the knowledge gap about marine bio based building materials to lower carbon emissions in the construction sector, outlining an environmental impact survey in the production supply chain and exploring concrete business models for marine based building material.

The Alliance will also create and deliver a Technical Playbook on Marine based Low Carbon Construction for cities including the following elements:

  • Highlighting environmental consequences in the marine environment and map key technical principles in the Nordic building codes (alternative building material, reuse, substitute)
  • Typologies of building, material and application types
  • Context regulations, legal and technical issues (Acoustics, durability etc.)
  • Practical check lists during procurement processes, insight of concrete business models and relevant case studies

The Playbook will be developed to support Nordic stakeholders, researchers, policymakers and planners to overcome technical challenges, explore business models and grow the opportunity for cities to access and utilise marine bio-based building material.

Project partners and background

The project is a part of the Nordic Sustainable Construction programme, procured by Nordic Innovation. The project will be led by a consortium of 10 partners from private companies, universities, knowledge institutions and municipalities steered by the engineering company Arup.

Follow the project on Nordic Blue Building Alliance here, or read more about Nordic Innovation’s projects in Nordic Sustainable Construction here.