Emission-free Construction Sites

The intent of the work package is to diminish carbon and other direct emissions at construction sites e.g. by using emission-free power sources and planning the seasonal use of heat and light at construction sites. But also through the development of logistical solutions to conserve transportation and handling resources in a way that diminishes emissions and resource usage.

The work package is lead by Björn Karlsson, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Infrastructure and associated professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Iceland.

Webinar: Knowledge Gaps and Research Needs – Emission-free Construction Sites

Dive into our recent findings on design, reducing waste and transforming energy use.

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New report: Knowledge Gaps and Research Needs

New report from Nordic Sustainable Construction advocates for research-backed decisions among stakeholders, highlighting the industry's need for extensive research, testing, and pilot projects to drive change.

Read report on knowledge gaps here

Report on Emission-free Construction Sites

Throughout the first phase of this work package, the focus has been on gathering Nordic and European input to publish a report which analyses and determines the general definitions, boundaries and terminology of the emission-free construction site area.

The report describes the status of the field today, and acts as a preparation for next steps in the area as a common definition of construction site boundaries and what emissions are included, is a foundation for collaborative Nordic development in this field.

Read the report on emissionfree construction sites here

Newsletter on Emission-free Construction Sites

Nordic Ministerial Declaration

A new Nordic Declaration on low carbon construction and circular principles in the construction sector has just been approved and endorsed by the Nordic Ministers of Housing and Construction. 

Read the Nordic Declaration

Explore Emission-free Construction Sites

The Nordic countries are among the first in the world pursuing to set normative limits for the emission of buildings. With the work package on Emission-Free Construction Sites, we are going into depth with one of the modules in the life cycle of a building - the construction phase.

Until now, the main focus has been on emissions from production of building materials and the operational phase of buildings. This is changing as recent studies show that construction phase emissions are a substantial part of the whole life cycle emissions.

In buildings where emissions from the operational phase have been minimised, construction process emission may be up to 15% of the whole life cycle emissions. Here, the main contributors of emissions are transportation, construction machinery and energy use for heating and drying. Waste and lost material also contribute to increased emissions and must be taken into account in the construction phase.

Currently, none of the Nordic countries has set normative criteria for emission-free construction sites, and the Nordics thus have a unique opportunity to harmonise regulations and guidelines.

To create support, visibility and a solid foundation for an increased focus on low carbon construction including emission-free construction sites, a common Nordic declaration has been formulated and steps will be taken to ensure its endorsement and acceptance by the Nordic construction industry.