Reference Group Meeting Helsinki 2023

Nordic Authorities met in Helsinki to share the newest Insights from the Nordic Sustainable Construction Programme

Publiceret 19-09-2023

The third reference group meeting of 2023 was hosted by the Finnish Ministry of Environment in Helsinki. Here representatives from Nordic authorities and organisations got together to follow the progress of the programme. We also paid a visit to little Finlandia for an inspiring introduction to modular and flexible construction.

The Nordic countries take turn hosting the reference group meetings of Nordic Sustainable Construction. As usual, the visit to Helsinki was a nice combination of progress reporting, insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, presentation of resent results, discussions of next steps and inspiration from local site visits.

All work package leaders presented the progress of their work packages, and the following key programme accomplishments were reported:

The work package on Nordic Harmonisation of LCA

  • The Roadmap ‘Harmonising Nordic Building Regulations concerning Climate Emissions’ has just been published
  • The upcoming work from the tasks regarding ‘Data for LCA’, ‘BIM for LCA’ and ‘Limit values and reporting decarbonisation of Nordic building stock’ was presented by the consultants conducting the work

Read about the work package on Nordic Harmonisation of LCA and its projects here.

The work package on Circular Business Models and Procurement

  • A Report on blue building materials is in progress and will be published in ultimo 2023.
  • The three SMARTcity-projects Tampere, Torshavn and Stavanger are running according to plan

Read about the work package on Circular Business Models and Produrement and its projects here

The work package on Sustainable Building Materials and Architecture, SUSTAINORDIC

  • The first article on ‘The Material Hierarchy’ has been published.
  • The Work Package hosted a successful Nordic pavilion at the UIA Congress 2023 in Copenhagen.

Read about the work package on Sustainable Building Materials and Architecture and its articles here.

The work package on Emission-free Construction Sites

  • A Report on definitions, boundaries and terminology has been published, and a pamphlet was released containing an overview of the content.
  • Next step is a second report on future research needs.

Read about the work packge on Emission-free Construction Sites and their reports here.

The work package of the Programme Secretariat

  • The project Competences for Reuse in Construction (CRC) is on track and going into the process of developing teaching materials
  • Report on Policies Enabling Reuse in Construction has been published. The report identifies certain areas within reuse that could have a potential for further/future harmonisation.

 Read about the work package of the Programme Secretariat here.

Sitevisit to the Little Finlandia – an example of Flexible Design

The reference group meeting was wrapped up by an inspiring visit to Little Finlandia that was designed to be an abstraction of a forest, with trees as structural columns. The modular structures of Little Finlandia is a great example of reversible building design and was designed to be able to be converted into a school. However, as is the risk of good architecture, the building has proven to be so functional and popular that it might end up to be a permanent landmark in Helsinki.

Visit ti Little Finlandia

About the Nordic Sustainable Construction Reference Group Meetings

The quarterly reference group meetings in the Nordic Sustainable Construction programme is an important tool in our programmes work towards harmonisation and the green transition of the Nordic construction.

Government representatives from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Faeroe Islands, Greenland and Åland are represented in the reference group to ensure that the progress, knowledge and findings gathered in the programme are anchored in all the Nordic countries.