adoption of EPBD

The EU Council has Adopted the EPBD

Publiceret 16-04-2024

There are many crucial and interlinked focus areas for our built environment in the revised directive. The focus area that Nordic Sustainable Construction can contribute most to - based on the Nordic countries' experiences - is the part focusing on how the revision of the EPBD address greenhouse gas emissions over the whole lifecycle.

The adoption of EPBD means that in a little more than 2 years’ time all EU member states have to be ready to implement the Directive.

Here is what the EU Commission write about that focus area:

"Emissions from the manufacturing of materials, transportation, construction, maintenance and deconstruction of a building are known as “embodied carbon. Carbon emissions linked to the use phase of the building are “operational” carbon emissions. Making good choices about efficient building practices and materials can have a huge effect on both operational and embodied carbon emissions.
The new rules take several positive steps towards addressing greenhouse gas emissions over the whole lifecycle of the buildings. Indeed, lifecycle GHG emissions will need to be calculated and disclosed through an EPC for all new buildings from 2030, to inform citizens and businesses. In addition, Member States will have to adopt national roadmaps and set targets to reduce such lifecycle emissions."

Source: Questions and Answers on the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Nordic Sustainable Construction has already gathered much experience regarding this subject. Check out our knowledge Center, where we continuously update with the latest reports in the programme.

We look much forward to follow and contribute to this work.