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Two year Milestone in the Nordic Sustainable Construction Programme

Publiceret 08-01-2024

To round off 2023 and mark the two-year milestone for Nordic Sustainable Construction, the work package leaders and reference group met online in the last week of December. The leaders shared the results of the work packages and discussed the challenges of Nordic harmonisation and of building a more sustainable construction sector. We also looked toward the future, discussing what the Nordic countries could collaborate on from 2025-2030.

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Overview: Results from Nordic Sustainable Construction since September 2023

Work Package 1 on Nordic Harmonisation of LCA

Upcoming activities:

Work Package 2 on Circular Business Models and Procurement

  • The work package continues working on pilot projects with Nordic Smart Cities (Tampere and Stavanger) to include circular thinking and procurement in the planning process and new tenders

Upcoming activities:

  • Report from Nordic Blue Building Alliance, Technical Playbook on Marine Biobased Low Carbon Building Materials. Read about the Nordic Network here
  • A conference on Circular material management & effective transports in the Nordics (tbc)

Work Package 3 on Sustainable Building Materials and Architecture

Upcoming activities:

  • Article and roundtable discussion on
    • The unheard voices in architecture and construction policy
    • Onboarding legislation for a regenerative future
    • Place based design and architecture as a community builder

Work Package 4 on Emission-free Construction Sites

Upcoming activities:

Work Package 5 of the Programme Secretariat

Upcoming activities:

  • Teaching materials from the project ‘Competences for Reuse in Construction’ will soon be published on a website in all Nordic languages

Can the Built Environment Contribute to the Next Phase of Nordic Vision 2030?

The Nordic Vision 2030 aims for the Nordic countries to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. The first phase of the road towards this vision will end this year. Hence the Nordic countries have started to consider and will discuss what could be highly relevant topics to collaborate on towards 2030 to contribute to the Vision 2030.

Therefore 2024 will be a special year for Nordic Sustainable Construction and related projects, as it is the year with the final results from the programme. At the same time, it is the year to define possible next topics and goals for collaboration. During the meeting data was a theme that was highlighted by all the work packages. The work package leaders estimated that the ability to collect and use data is going to be of great importance for reaching the goals of lowering the emissions and negative impacts of the sector. Therefore, they agreed that data and digitalisation will play an important role in the coming years toward 2030.

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