COP28 Panel session

COP28 Panel Session: Is the construction sector becoming sustainable?


Join us at COP28 through online streaming or in Dubai. Nordic Sustainable Construction will facilitate a panel session, where you will get a fresh insight into some of the positive changes currently taking place in the Nordic construction sector. We would also love your input in the debate on how the industry will move forward into a more sustainable future.

The event will start at 13.00 CET (16.00 in Dubai, UTC+4).

Part of COP28 The Nordic Pavilion, Blue Zone, Building 75

Nordic Sustainable Construction works to minimise the construction sector’s negative climate – and environmental impacts. During COP28, we will focus on this agenda by bringing global stakeholders from across the construction value chain together in a panel session. The panel will consist of Simone Mangili, CEO of Carbon Neutral City Alliance, Graham Dodd, Arup Fellow, Global Director for Climate and Sustainable Services at Arup and Raj Kalia, Mission lead, Dark Matters Lab. They will share inspiring examples that are currently being developed or implemented.

We believe that emphasising the good examples is an important contributor to the transitions taking place in our built environment. Through the power of knowledge sharing, we can show that change is happening, spur innovation and scale the good solutions.

You will get insights on:

  • A fresh overview of Nordic policies that aim at limiting the climate impact from construction
  • Procurement tools used by some of the most climate ambitious cities
  • How cities are using new low carbon and reusable construction products
  • What new construction products are there and do we have the skills to use them?
  • How to use biobased construction materials in renovations and transformations

The panellist will discuss the relevance of the examples: To what extend can we scale up the experiences, and do we have a skills need in implementing this transformation?

We will also have a look to the near future on what challenges the construction sector is going to face.

The session is from 13.00-13.45 CET (16.00-16.45 in Dubai, UTC+4). Location: Blue zone, Zone 6, Building 75.


Read more and find live stream link for our panel session at COP28 here






The panel will consist of

Simone Mangili
CEO of Carbon Neutral City Alliance

Graham Dodd, 
Arup Fellow, Global Director for Climate and Sustainable Services at Arup 

Raj Kalia 
Mission lead, Dark Matters Lab

Helle Redder Momsen (moderator)
Head of Secretariat, Nordic Sustainable Construction