Collaborate for a regenerative future!

Nordic Reception – Collaborate for a regenerative future


The Nordic hosts of the UIA23 conference extend a warm invitation to international architects, urban planners, developers and decision-makers to join us for an evening of networking and discussions at the Nordic Reception in central Copenhagen on July 3rd, 2023.

This reception presents a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful exchanges of ideas and foster collaboration on shaping a future where architecture plays a pivotal role in creating a regenerative future.

Join us at The Danish Association of Architects for an engaging evening; Åbenrå 34, 1124 Copenhagen

The event is free of charge, and we welcome anyone interested in sustainable architecture and urban design.

Time and place:

Time: 18.00-21.00, 3rd of July 2023

Place: Åbenrå 34, 1124 Copenhagen

The Nordic Reception is a collaborative initiative brought to you by The Danish Association of Architects, Architects Sweden, The Finnish Association of Architects, National Association of Norwegian Architects, The Faroese Architects Association, Iceland Design and Architecture, SUSTAINORDIC, and Nordic Sustainable Construction. Together, we are dedicated to advancing the field of architecture through collaboration, innovation, and sustainability.