Policy session at The Nordic Pavilion, UIA

Legislation for regenerative Architecture - Is carbon budget a game changer?


Will carbon budgets in construction change the way we build and renovate?
Architects, policymakers, researchers and sustainability enthusiasts! Join us in this policy session where we explore pathways to a future of architecture that can allow us to work and live within the planetary boundaries in a Nordic and global context!

Policy session

With a point of entry in the question Will carbon budgets in construction change the way we build and renovate, this session will be a thought-provoking and inspiring platform to explore instruments that can support systemic policy frames to drive the shift towards sustainable practices in the construction sector.

We are about to see a global movement towards stricter legislation for construction. Across the Nordic countries and the EU, new regulation is drafted with the ambition to include the construction sector as a part of the solution to climate challenge. A key regulatory tool is the carbon budgets for the emissions of buildings. These new, or upcoming, demands challenge and inspire the materials we use, the way we design and construct new buildings, and the way we reuse existing buildings.

This policy debate will give you a Nordic overview of where construction regulation is at in the green transition. You will also gain insight on specific examples from across the Nordic countries and Europe on potential solutions to these new demands. We will discuss early learnings from the implementation of these regulative initiatives and explore how the global architecture community can learn from these.

The session will represent Nordic and European architects. Together, this panel will shed light on how we can use design thinking and practices from systems innovation to ensure congruency between all policy instruments, which influence construction from idea to building-in-use. We will address the construction dilemmas that we face when we try to reduce the climate and environmental footprint and still meet other considerations like safety liability on materials, health and sound requirements, fire regulations and energy requirements, which often get in the way of regenerative and sustainable practices in construction.


Matti Kuittinen, Professor, Aalto University

Johnny Svendborg, Architect MAA, President of the Danish Association of Architects

Tobias Olsson, Director, Architects Sweden

Helena Bjarnegård, National Architect, Boverket, the Swedish National Board of Housing


Helle Redder Momsen, Nordic Sustainable Construction, Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing

Time and place:

Time: 12.00 - 13.00

Place: Nordic Pavillion, E-14, Bella Centre, Copenhagen