Online event on emission-free construction

The way towards emission-free construction sites


The focus on reducing emissions from construction sites is gaining momentum, and at this event, Green Building Council Iceland launches a status report and a network of collaboration for the Nordic construction sector.

The way towards emission-free construction sites

So far, emission reductions from materials and operational energy have been a priority, but now the construction process is in focus as well. Consequently, emission-free construction sites are developing rapidly – but how do we define these sites in a beneficial way?

To answer this, Green Building Council Iceland will publish the report “Emission-free construction sites: definitions and current status in the Nordic countries” at this event. This report describes how to define construction sites, as the system boundary used to define the site itself still varies, while types of emissions are fairly well defined. The report furthermore describes the status in the field and provides insight into procurement and technological issues.

A new Nordic construction collaboration and inspirational cases

At the event, a new network for knowledge sharing and collaboration will be launched. This network aims to help develop new methods and technologies for emission reduction. 

In addition, Ulrik Branner from SiteHub, a Danish Technology and Service company, will provide insight into how they reduce waste and emissions at the construction site by delivering centralised logistics and waste data capture.

Lastly, the event invites you to an online excursion video of the construction site Mindet 6, Aarhus Denmark. Here, the project Green Construction Site Of The Future will present their efforts with identifying which green initiatives at construction sites provide the best environmental impact. 

Time and Place 

Date: 16 March 2023

Time: 10.00-12.00 (UTC +1).

Location: online

Organised by: Green Building Council Iceland

The event is free of charge