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Nordic Climate Forum for Construction 2024


Join the open and online part of the sixth annual Nordic Climate Forum for Construction September 11th 9.00- 12.30. Get the newest updates from all the Nordics countries and Estonia on how the regulation of the climate impact from construction is progressing and how it links to EU regulation, when keynote speakers from the EU Commission, Nordic authorities and construction companies maps and discuss the latest development and how it effects the industry.

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• What kind of regulation and delegated acts do we see in the near future?
• How has regulations been received by the industry?
• And where should the focus be when it comes to harmonisation in the Nordics as well as Europe?

Nordic countries are showing global ambition in efforts to mitigate climate change and reduce the environmental impacts. Activities in the construction and real estate sector give rise to a significant part of the climate emissions, resources use and waste generated. Therefore, the green, digital, circular and resilient transition of the building sector is high on the agenda, and development of building regulations concerning climate emissions based on life-cycle assessments is ongoing in all Nordic countries, Estonia and beyond. As part of this ongoing work, we arrange the sixth annual Nordic Climate Forum for Construction.

Join us for presentations from policy makers and the construction industry.


Morning section - online and open

09:00 Opening words, Kristina Einarsson, Boverket, moderator
09:10 Greetings from the Swedish government, Andreas Carlsson, Minister for Infrastructure and Housing, (video)
09:15 EU outlook and update on relevant EU regulation, Phillippe Moseley, European Commission
09:45 Nordic outlook State of the art of the Nordic regulation and highlights from Nordic Sustainable Construction,
Thomas Johansson, Boverket 
10:00 Break
10:15 Theme – detailed information and experiences from introduced climate regulations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. How has it been received, what works well and less well. Proposal on harmonisation, 
Niels Bruus Varming at Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing in Denmark, Ingunn Marton at Norwegian Building Authority, Boverket in Sweden
11:05 Break  
11:20 Joint input about introduced regulation from the industry in the Nordics What to focus on in Nordic harmonisation? How has it been received, what works well and less well. Proposal on harmonisation, 
Christian Mølholm and Marcus Hedman at NREP in Denmark, Ben Toscher at Norgehus in Norway, Jeanette Sveder Lundin at Skanska in Sweden
12:10 Update on upcoming regulation in Finland, Estonia and Iceland 
Ministry of Environment in Finland, Hannamary Seli at Ministry of Climate in Estonia, Elin Thorolfsdottir at Housing and Construction Authority of Iceland


Lunch break

Afternoon section - invite only and not online

13:30 Round table discussion Lessons learned from the construction industry from introduced regulation. What should we focus on in the continued Nordic harmonisation of regulation? What obstacles exist in the construction industry in the Nordics? What needs to be harmonized for increased digitalisation? Discussion of threshold levels? How to increase comparability with different system boundaries? Input to EU regulations.
15:50 Sum up  
16:00 End  


11th September

9.00 – 12.30

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The limit of online participants is 200