Reuse of construction material

Mapping of education materials on reuse of construction products


Nordic Sustainable Construction has initiated a project that aims to strengthen students’ hands-on competences within reuse of construction materials at vocational educations across the Nordics. A mapping of educational material on the subject is the first step.

Mapping of relevant teaching materials is relevant in order to identify useful teaching materials, to avoid duplication of efforts and to assess gaps. Thus, the initial task in the project is to conduct a screening of existing teaching materials, tools, cases, etc. on reuse of construction material in each Nordic country.

The mapping also creates a basis for evaluating the potential for filling the gaps by providing relevant supplementary teaching material in the next phases of the project.

You can find the results of the mapping here: 

Description of method for screening of the material and preliminary conclusions:

Read the description of method for mapping here

Mapping of educational material about reuse (searchable excell file)

View the mapping of education material about reuse of construction here