NNCC report on barriers and possibilities of circular transition”
Report: Nordic Networks for Circular Construction

Report: Barriers and Possibilities of Circular Transition in the Construction Sector


The circular transition has started in the construction sector. However, there are still multiple barriers along the way. The new report by the Nordic Networks for Circular Construction analyses the barriers and gives recommendations going forward.

“Circularity must be there from the start since it can be difficult to integrate it later.”

Actors along the construction value chain still face significant barriers, despite a growing momentum and recent advancements in the regulatory framework for circular construction. A range of different technical, regulatory, cultural, and economic barriers hinder progress and block transformative actions.

This report produced by the Nordic Network for Circular Construction explores circularity in the construction sector in the Nordic countries: The current state of circular construction and the framework conditions for further development. Key findings include a comprehensive catalogue of identified barriers together with recommendations going forward.

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