Webinar: Harmonised CO2-eq Limit Values for Buildings and Monitoring Decarbonisation of the Building Stock

Recording and Presentation from Webinar “Harmonised CO2-eq Limit Values for Buildings and Monitoring Decarbonisation of the Building Stock”


This recording of our webinar explores harmonisation of CO2-eq limit values for buildings and monitoring building stock decarbonisation. We present findings related to LCA, CO2-eq limit values and building stock modelling. We present a detailed analysis of building life-cycle assessment approaches in Nordic countries, highlighting similarities, differences and the critical aspects of creating a harmonised approach for defining CO2-eq limit values for buildings.

Watch the recording to explore the journey in establishing a more harmonised approach for CO2-eq limit values and monitoring decarbonisation using existing or planned statistical data. The webinar was hosted by our programme partner, Ministry of Environment of Finland and SWECO Denmark, who are responsible for the project: Limit Values and Decarbonisation of Building Stock

Download the first slides from the webinar here

Download the rest of the presentation from the webinar here

Commenting on draft reports

These two draft reports were presented during the webinar and are available for commenting:

If you want to comment on the draft report "Setting and Assessing Limit Values in Nordic Countries" , please write an email to the consultant: sm-dk-lca-and-co2-limits@sweco.dk.

The deadline for comments is February 2nd 2024.

If you want to comment on the draft report "Process for Monitoring the Decarbonization of the Building Stock" please write an email to the consultant: sm-dk-building-stock-decarbonisation@sweco.dk

The deadline for comments is February 15th 2024


  • Introduction to Nordic Harmonization of LCA – Maria Tiainen, Finnish Ministry of the Environment
  • Introduction to webinar and project overview– Morten Ryberg, Sweco DK
  • Findings and recommendations
    • LCA practice and regulations on the Nordic countries – Kai Kanafani, BUILD
    • Key variables for setting limit values and recommendations on a process for setting and following limit values for buildings– Maria Balouktsi, BUILD
    • Recommendations for environmental building stock monitoring – Nicolaj Langkjær, Sweco DK
  • Q&A and next steps – Morten Ryberg, Sweco DK