NEW TENDER PUBLISHED: Vocational educations will soon be able to learn more about reuse of construction materials.

Publiceret 12-10-2022

Nordic Sustainable Construction will be targeting vocational educations in a tender about capacity-building activities within reuse of building materials. Call for submission is out now.

The Nordic Sustainable Construction programme works towards establishing the Nordic countries as a leading region in sustainable and competitive construction and to support the Nordic construction industry’s transition to more sustainable and competitive construction which is part of the Nordic Vision 2030.

Capacity-building activities targeted students at vocational educations

One of the tools to be used on the path towards vision 2030 is reuse of construction materials.
Based on dialogues with the market conducted by the Danish Housing and Planning Authority, it was detected, that some material and knowledge regarding the reuse of construction materials already exists in the Nordic countries. However, there is a lack of hands-on understanding and capability among the users.

On these grounds, the purpose of the procurement was decided: to map and as far as possible utilize available knowledge in the development of teaching materials targeted students at vocational educations.

Call for submission is now published

The call for submission is now been published, and the tender is divided into four phases:

 Phase 1: Mapping of existing teaching materials regarding reuse of construction materials in the Nordic countries

  • Mapping of relevant legislation regarding reuse in each Nordic country
  • Mapping of existing teaching materials regarding reuse of construction materials.
  • Enter cooperation agreement with minimum one vocational educational institution

 Phase 2: Development of supplementary teaching material

  • Development of supplementary teaching material in cooperation with vocational institution(s) and based on findings from phase 1.

 Phase 3: Dissemination of supplementary teaching material in Nordic countries

 Phase 4: Exit

  • Evaluation of material
  • Recommendations for future activities to increase knowledge and capacity for reuse of construction materials in the Nordics.

Facts about the tender

Deadline for submission: Tuesday 15 November 2022, Time: 14.00.
Amount: DKK 5.200.000
Expected project period: January 2023 – November 2024

Please find the tender material following this link to download the tender material


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