Clinics and catalogue of low carbon buildings

Accelerating decarbonisation through low carbon clinics and good examples of low carbon buildings

Publiceret 13-06-2024

Decarbonisation of Nordic construction requires expert support. This accelerator programme facilitates decarbonisation by providing support and guidance to selected projects and by creating a catalogue of best practices for other projects to follow.

Integrating Low Carbon Practices in Nordic Construction Projects

There are several construction projects in different Nordic countries in which there is a genuine interest and desire to pursue carbon neutrality. Achieving such ambition requires expert knowledge on decarbonisation and low carbon materials and construction processes. The lack of resources and best low carbon practices are factors that are slowing down the construction sector to meet the climate targets. Hence, expertise and knowledge on low carbon construction is much preferable as part of the overall mind-set of the building industry to become a key part of any construction project.

Two key activities

The aim of accelerator programme is to accelerate this process and thereby the decarbonisation of the building and construction sector. The project will include two key activities.

The first activity

is to establish a dynamic platform through clinics that will serve as a hub for knowledge exchange, professional guidance, and collaborative learning. The goal is to empower contractors with the tools and know-how to reduce carbon footprints and elevate sustainability in their construction endeavours. The clinics will give support for specific projects and contractors to decarbonise their project by providing inputs and sparing with local experts on decarbonisation and sustainable buildings.

The learnings and experiences from the clinics will be collected as part of a report. The report will shed light on the main challenges for decarbonising project and the type of support and information that is needed by project teams to resolve these challenges.

The second activity

…is to prepare a catalogue of exemplary low carbon buildings. At least three buildings from each Nordic country and Estonia will be selected and the buildings, their climate impacts, and material usage will be assessed. The catalogue will present and explain the low carbon solutions used in these buildings and their applicability in other regions.

The data from the assessment are planned to be published as part of an online interactive database. This database will serve multiple purposes, including showcasing the projects, providing an enhanced user experience, and acting as a continuous update mechanism. Users will be able to explore project data, compare different solutions, and gain insights into the life cycle impacts of the showcased buildings.

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