Accelerate the Nordic construction sector

Tender for new acceleration programme: Knowledge sharing clinics and best practice catalogues

Publiceret 12-03-2024

According to recent surveys, the lack of resources and best low carbon practices slow down the construction sector in meeting climate targets. Therefore, Nordic Sustainable Construction has created a tender for a new acceleration programme. The acceleration programme aims to speed up the decarbonisation of the building and construction sector through knowledge sharing carbon clinics and a best practice catalogue.

Tender for new acceleration programme: Knowledge sharing clinics and best practice catalogues

Construction companies across the Nordics are in different phases in setting and implementing low carbon solutions. In many cases, external sparring and support are needed to set sustainability targets for the projects and implement low carbon and circular solutions. In addition, best practices and examples of low carbon buildings are needed to accelerate decarbonisation of construction sector. This tender sets out to meet these needs.

The tender is procured by work package 1: Nordic Harmonisation of Life Cycle Assessment and consists of two subtasks:

  1. Low carbon clinic for selected construction projects in each of the Nordic countries and Estonia
  2. Catalogue of best examples of Nordic and Estonian low carbon buildings

1. Low carbon clinic

This subtask aims at increasing the know-how in the market through low carbon clinics for selected new construction projects in Nordic countries and Estonia. The selected consultant will work as an external sustainability resource, who will help the contractor improve environmental sustainability of the construction project.

In the clinic, contractors can get advice from the consultant who will also analyse the project and try to find ways to increase the environmental sustainability of the project (carbon hand print, carbon foot print, circularity). It is also possible to select renovation projects. 


The selected consultant will write a project report providing an overview of the projects, explaining the key findings and answering at least the following questions:

  • Which are the main challenges to reduce carbon footprint and increase carbon benefits of the projects?
  • What kind of support do the project teams need?
  • What are the best ways to support them?

Publication of the results of this subtask will be done in a webinar organised by the selected consultant.

2. Catalogue of best examples

In this subtask, the selected consultant will draft a catalogue of the best low carbon buildings (including circular economy e.g. extending the service life of the building with conversion) located in each of the Nordic countries and Estonia. At least 3 construction projects/buildings need to be selected from each of the countries.

The consultant must select projects/buildings that represent the most advanced examples of the Nordic building stock. Both new buildings and refurbishment projects may be included. The selected consultant is responsible for the project/building selection process, searching and gathering those 3(4) projects.


The final catalogue will explain the low carbon solutions in the selected projects and reflect on how the cases can be used when linked to the other Nordic countries. Publication of the catalogue will be done in a webinar organised by the selected consultant.

For more info about the tender including…

  • Schedule and budget
  • Minimum requirements
  • Responsibilities of the selected consultant
  • The ground for the comparison of tenders

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Where does this tender fit in?

This tender belongs to work package 1 of Nordic Sustainable Construction called Nordic Harmonisation of Life Cycle Assessment. The aim of the work package is to work towards harmonising normative methods for building LCAs in the Nordic countries so that design and construction companies will be able to offer low carbon solutions in all the Nordic countries. The work package is run by the Ministry of Environment in Finland and consist of 5 sub tasks. This invitation to tender focuses on the last work package, task 5.