Almedalen week 2022

The climate villain goes green – the role and responsibility of the construction industry to reduce its emissions


The construction industry accounts for about 40 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, and most of the emissions come from building materials, construction, and demolition. The good news is that we can do a lot about this, and a lot is already being done in the Nordic Region

Event photo: Democracy Festival Almedalen Week Visby. Sustainable Construction of the future in the Nordic countries.

Our WP3 partner SUSTAINORDIC is moderating a debate on the Swedish Almedalen Democracy Festival.

The debate evolves around how we avoid that the buildings of the future become a burden to our planet’s boundaries – but how should we construct them? What materials should we use? And how will it all affect architecture? What are the obstacles and what are the opportunities – and who should be responsible for speeding up the transition within the construction industry?

Reducing emissions in the construction sector is of utmost importance if we’re to achieve the Nordic vision that the Nordic Region will be the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030.


  • Tobias Olsson, CEO Swedish Architects
  • Anna Denell, Sustainability Director Vasakronan
  • Robert Vangstad, Founder of Urbanity Labs, Net-Zero Homes
  • Madeleine Nobis, Sustainability Strategist Liljewall Architects
  • Petra Jenning, Architect, Innovation Leader & Studio Manager FOJAB
  • Susanne Rudenstam, Chief Sveriges Träbyggnadskansli
  • Magnus Ek, representative Swedish parliament/Nordic Council
  • Paula Lehtomäki, Secretary General Nordic Council of Ministers

Moderator: Dorte Bo Bojesen, SUSTAINORDIC, CEO Form/Design Center

Date and time

04.07.2022, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Wisby Strand Strandvägen 4

Visby, 621 55 Sweden

Participation in democracy festivals

Through participation in Nordic democracy festivals, work package 3 will map out the system around sustainable conduct in construction in the Nordics.
The focus will be on the role of governance and architecture in adopting sustainable materials and practices in Nordic construction and retrofit.

Read more about Work package 3 - Sustainable Construction Materials and Architecture here