Reuse of construction materials

New Nordic initiative on reuse of construction materials will boost students at Nordic vocational educations

Publiceret 10-02-2023

We have launched a new project to strengthen students’ hands-on competences within reuse of construction materials at vocational educations across the Nordics. The project was won by Norion Consult and the Danish Knowledge Centre on Craft who from January 2023 to November 2024 will map, develop, disseminate and evaluate new teaching materials for reuse of construction materials.

The project was initiated at the start-up meeting 23rd January 2023, where Frederik Schelle Hornnes, Helle Redder Momsen and Sidse Zimmermann from Nordic Sustainable Construction; Iver Gaarsted and Jakob Sonny Jakobsen from Danish Knowledge Centre on Craft and Sustainability; and Bjørn Bauer, Simon Claësson Kaarsberg, Sara Lisa Egebæk and Lea E. Eliasson from Norion Consult attended.

New skills are needed

In the construction sector, new skills are needed to support the green transition. At the same time, the increasing resource scarcity and Nordic commitment to fight climate change causes increased focus on reuse of construction materials.

In order to equip the construction sector for these challenges, we in Nordic Sustainable Construction target the Nordic vocational educations by developing educational material that aims to educate the students in how to reuse construction materials.

“Nordic Sustainable Construction contributes to the Nordic vision of being the most sustainable region by 2030. To reach this ambitious goal, we need to rethink our way of using resources, and the construction sector has great potential for improvement,” Helle Redder Momsen, Head of Secretariat at Nordic Sustainable Construction, says and adds:

“We will spur this improvement through capacity building of the students, who will bring new knowledge into their work places and thus act as ambassadors for increased reuse of construction materials across the Nordics.

Consortium with experience in circular economy and vocational educational training

The initiative of developing the educational materials was procured as a public tender in the fall of 2022. It was awarded to a consortium consisting of the consulting company, Norion Consult, and the Danish Knowledge Centre on Craft and Sustainability at the start-up meeting in January 2023. Together, the consortium has experience with both circular economy in construction as well as vocational educational training.

“The topic of sustainability has only gradually gained importance in the vocational training over the latter years; the specific reuse topic is still not specifically targeting the vocational school agenda which emphasises the importance of this project. We, therefore, look forward to taking part in building up the reuse skills in the Nordics", Director of Norion Consult and project manager, Bjørn Bauer says.

The initiative consists of an initial mapping of relevant legislation and existing teaching materials regarding reuse of construction materials in each Nordic country. On this basis, the consortium will develop, test and disseminate supplementary teaching material in close collaboration with Nordic vocational institutions between January 2023 and November 2024.

Nordic collaboration is key

The new initiative of strengthening students’ hands-on competences in reuse of construction materials is part of a larger Nordic context – vision 2030.

This vision of the Nordic Council of Ministers aims for the Nordics becoming the leading region within sustainable and competitive construction within 2030. To succeed with a green transition and circularity in the Nordic construction industry, collaboration and initiatives across the Nordics is key.

”Resource deficiency and circularity in the construction industry are challenges that all the Nordic countries face these years. Through Nordic collaboration and initiatives on these challenges, we can learn from each other’s approaches and experiences and create value for the Nordic construction industry and beyond”, Karen Ellemann, newly appointed Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, says.


Throughout the project, we will keep you informed about its process and outcomes, and once developed, the supplementary teaching material will be available here on our website.